Overnighter to France 11.11.11

Kept an eye on the weather for the weekend ahead and as it was looking good we decided to book the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Le Havre and come back via the channel tunnel.

Mad rush getting home from work, changed and jumped straight on the bikes we headed down to Portsmouth. Traffic wasn’t too bad considering it was rush hour on a Friday night. Got loaded on to the ferry ready to sail at 11pm.

My face dropped when the welcome message over the tanoy said we were in for a very rough crossing :crazy: I puked my guts up the whole crossing last time we came back so wasn’t going to enjoy this one. We snuggled down hoping to sleep through the rocking but actually it turned out to be a really smooth crossing.

We got off the ferry at 8am Saturday morning and headed for our first stop at Etretat. The sun was coming up through the blue sky, the weather was going to be kind to us at last :smiley: Then we followed the coast as close as we could up to Dieppe and then on to Le Treport where we had lunch. We then went on to Abbeville then picked the N1 up to Boulogne and then on to Calais to jump on the channel tunnel. The weather towards Calais was getting quite foggy and again once off the other side Kent was a bit dicey with wet fog in places.

We stopped off at quite a few places treating this trip as a flower sniffing ride :slight_smile: All that and home by 7pm.

nice little trip :slight_smile: will have to investigate the situation on my ban in france:Whistling: some nice angles of lean there mark:P

Nice pix ! Glad you enjoyed the virtually traffic free roads and quality of tarmac. Impressive lean angle for such a heavy bike !

A tip for rough sea crossing is to lie down - works for me. If you try to walk about the boat, you’ll feel like you’re drunk and puke… ha ha

Great pics, looks like a great trip :slight_smile:

Nice pics, looks like you had a lovely trip.

Pic’s look FAB!! I’m so jealous, not quiet used to staying in one place for so long:D

I really want to take my bike abroad now I’m more confident on it:cool: