Overfilled the DRZ with oil

Made a rookie mistake a while ago, didn’t warm up the DRZ before checking her oil level and ended up adding oil when it wasn’t needed as it was showing over MAX when warmed up. No harm done though as it wasn’t ridden like this.

Got round to fixing that today by using a big fluids plunger to remove the 200ml or so of oil and put it back into the original container for re-use another time. Good plunger!

This is the plunger:

Another day older another day wiser

Happy days

im not sure that being overfilled on a dry sump is an issue, other than possibly leaking out.

its quite common for people to do what you did on the DRZ forums too

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Yeah did the oil thing as well before, didn’t realize that it had a second drain plug so dropped in 1.7l of oil in!!

On the DRZ topic, any of you folks know/recommended someone for a carb rebuild/service?? Seems that the FCR is my problem, will give it a clean as it’s sat for a while but think it could do with some love.

If @scorch is still in business he might be a good call.

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Going to give this guy a try, have bought various parts in the past from him for the original FCR conversion when I did a basic refresh years ago. Also has a ebay shop if anyone needs something for those mystical carbs

the FCRs wear out over time, which i took a while to realize.