Over half way yey!!

I know its self absorbed ranting and of no interest to anyone but wanted to share - 4 exams down and 3 to go, which technically makes me over half way :smiley: Down to London in 3 weeks and countingā€¦

3 down 2 to go for me :slight_smile:

Donā€™t u lot know that you can by qulifications off ebay?

I bought an Hons Degree for Ā£320 have a look on there. Theres loads. You even get to have your photo taken with a silly mong looking hat on. Looks like a book

Good work and donā€™t worry - some peopleā€™s entire contribution to LB is self absorbed ranting :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Awww, but anyone with a real one will know that aint worth the paper its written on lol :wink:

ive had 1, 5 to go :frowning:

Well thats not what they told me. Iā€™m a doctor now.a LOVE doctor. The ladies love seeing the photo of my graduation

Well done Alice, pat yourself on the back from me :smiley: