Over confident scooterist sliding in front of me today on Dudley Street

Dry and sunny today, still a youngster on a 125cc Vespa managed to cut me off on that “roundabout”, lean over with a lot of momentum, give it the beans whilst leaned and hit the deck…his tracksuit trouser looked ok but his elbow didn’t…he looked at me and asked: “Was there any oil???”

Did you reply and say “No… just one dickhead”

^^^ :laugh:


what a twat

I would’ve said something along those lines too

He was young, a learner and looked pretty scared out of his beaten up open face helmet, out of breath and words as well…I told him that there was no oil before he left it there (a tea cup full maybe)…and that he needs to be upright before giving it full power…and that leathers are a good idea…