so, I bought an rsvr in good faith from a dealership in Orpington called BP bikes, now before I am accused of any wrong doing, I’m not posting this to harm his credibility as a dealer, I’m posting to enhance the credibility of somewhere else.
so,…rsvr,…went to omc for a run of the mill fork seal change, and after stripping the right leg out and re-assembling it all was going well, then came the left leg, matt pretty much did all the work as I was as useful as a chocolate fire guard, and he found the leg to be bent. so, after spending time on the v-block measuring the run out of the outer sand the stanchion, he broke the bad news to me. I felt like id been kicked in the balls and slapped in the face at the same time.

so, completely gutted, head held low, I skulk back over to the bike while losing faith in the machine at a staggering rate due to various issues already experienced with it.

matt saw this, came over and re-assured me, ‘‘don’t let it get you down mate, once this bike is sorted, you’ll love it, you see it’ll all be worth it in the end’’, hard to take on board when you feel like a bag of poop. but, I took his word and soldiered on, matt then pretty much spent the rest of the day sorting out conversations between the warranty company and the dealer in order to reach a decent outcome…result…he managed to get the dealer to repair the leg El pronto. leg back at dealers, fixed and back to me the following day. we both then set about re-assembling the front, then moved onto suspension set up, and after that lot, matt even went ahead and sorted out the ecu troubles id been having causing poor fuel economy…(10 miles to 1 1/2 gallons).

so,…after this malarkey had ensued, passed and become a distant memory,…it was time to part with cash, matt had already managed to order the seals and oil I needed for the original job for pennies, so paying him copious amounts of labour time was what I expected in order for omc to turn some sort of profit,…BUT NO, I was charged a very decent amount with some time scratched off due to unforeseen bent fork leg issues.

matt even offered to loan me a fork leg for a couple of days until mine was sorted, though I thought I would have to, luckily it never came to that.

basically, I will never go anywhere else to mend a machine, omc all the way, so massive thanks to Marta who recommended them, GIANT thanks to matt for services only kings should receive and gratitude to the omc for being just plain brilliant.

got a bike problem, get down to see matt, if he cant fix it,…it cant be fixed.

Lovely post. Enjoy your 2012 riding ahead of you :slight_smile:

And I know the place you are on about…

Everytime I log on here I keep reading about matt! Matt the hero!!

What’s so special about old ginger pubescent pubes? Has he got a third arm or somthing???
Matt seems like you are a man with the Midas touch mate I take my baker boy cap off to you!! But do you have the Midas touch with the ladies? Last time I went to the ace the LB ladies formed an orderly que just to see me mate!!! Got a bit rowdy as well. Bras being thrown at me, knickers off and a face full of double D’s!!! Happy days!

Awesome. I’ve poped down as a visitor to meet up with a few LBers, and matt war running around sorting everything out. Even though I’ve only seen and havent truly experienced the place, my impression is that it is great. Glad I’m local enough to push my bike there in the even of a break down :)…

Ricco you cun* turn on your phone.

they let u out of juvi early eh? All talk as usual…:doze:

i find you going to ‘ladies day’ at the ace quite appropriate madam…

yes, i do have a third arm, and a minds eye, which helps with my uncanny attention to detail. not to mention a 5inch long tongue, and the ability to breath through my ears… and the red in my beard is Celtic warrior heritage, not ginger :wink:

I am new on the site, Bt have heard nothing but praise for the Oval Motorcycle Centre. I popped in there a while back on my CBF. Very helpful… The whole set up and location just looks spot on. keep it going guys because I will be booking up soon to do my chain and sprockets.

Excellent Bunch

Well I wouldn’t know but i would think the tongue might help …not speaking from experience only assssuming lol :laugh:

Some fellows I pointed at OMC gave feedback on TRC and were very very pleased about how the place is run. Again, a real credit to motorcycling and hopefully with a very bright future. People are going to realise that if you want the job done properly, learn to do it yourself and get Matt involved!!

Well we had an afternoon at OMC on Friday for the first 500 mile oil change after running-in, Matt suggsested a brake calliper service, we did a quick chain tension check & lube, all was well, nice banter, plenty of tea, nice company, what more could you ask?

As they say, we’ll be back:)

Another big up for OMC and Matt in particular. Called in early on Saturday with Oldman Tugs with a few things in mind and Matt rolled us straight in. Now, when it comes to bikes I have very much been the type to just throw money at anyone who can make the problem go away and as such my knowledge is limited to say the least. I really cannot praise Matt enough for his time and patience with me on the day and not only did we sort out the things I had in mind but also discovered some issues that I have been shafted over (as in things that I had believed to have been done, have paid for to be done and were not!) In short if you have anything that needs to be done on your bike, give Matt a call before booking it in anywhere else and you could be doing yourself a massive favour. We need to support places like OMC as much as possible otherwise it is only too easy for them to go tits-up and I for one will be going back. Once again Matt, cheers.

Amen Verne

My 600 is a budget bike with the “renowned” suzuki build quality and it never fails after 30 000+ miles of ragging abuse from me because of the OMC :slight_smile:

I recently attended their Basic Maintenance Course on a Tuesday night and I have to say that I learned a lot. Matt who takes the course knows everything there is to know and Simon, who’s the boss, is a good sort, very happy to show me his Trident :blink:

I would like to recommend the Oval Motorcycle Centre to anyone who is learning the ropes (and chains) and it looks like a really good place to go and service your bike if you don’t have the tools at home or need some help.

They claim to be the ONLY motorcycle self service, maintenance and repair centre in London. If that’s true then they have found an unique selling point and will go far. I hope they do, they have a good crew and a decent setup.

I friggin love OMC!!!

Ahh, you see, you have all finally come around to my way of thinking.
Let give you all a tiny insight,

So, you all know I had an RSvr , and you all know it got nicked. But prior to this, I took it in to see matt, he basically showed me the bike as it was and also how it should be. After the general dumb fuckery of myself trying his patience, he gave an in depth walk through of what the bike should have been doing. He showed me the suspension set ups, he showed me how to manage the inboard computer, he walked me through how the bike should hand after pre load and sagg setting where adjusted, he also made quite a few minor adjustments that needed to be addressed. He gave me a quick talk about why my exhaust system was wrong for the bike and the best one to go for to maximise ride performance. In short, he really does know everything there is to know about getting the best out of your or any bike.

So I would urge anyone who has any issues with their bike or any plans to get the old hands dirty during a home service to first consult matt, believe me, I cannot sing his praises and the omc’s praises enough, after setting my bike up, Jesus, that thing was an absolute weapon.
Even if you want to know how to complete even the most menial of tasks such as a chain change or new oil, they will always give you pukka advice, expert tuition and the fact that the daddy always asks the most important question prior to any bench time starting…‘you fancy a cuppa’ is testament to how down to earth the guys there are.

Men,women, young and old alike, get down there and see for yourself, I promise, you will not be disappointed .

Top marks mate, keep up the brilliant work.

Should have another bike soon for you to play with.


old nemo is a ferking know it all…

problem is…HE DOES KNOW IT ALL!:D:w00t: TOP FELLA!

thank you for changing my break pads and bleeding the oil, pistons squeaky clean now it stops like a stone :smiley:

as nobody ever bothered to check my break lever on previous services, cheers for spotting that is slightly cracked so see you next weekend for the replacement. :slight_smile:

Plus one - spent this morning at OMC, where Matt gave some great tips on the basics and did a few checks on the old Triumph.

Great service as usual - must have just missed you Alba!!

well, he cant really handle us both at the same time so i guess its for the best…:laugh: