… I just looked out the window and my street is literally a flowing river. :w00t:

It’s not burst its banks yet (a.k.a. got higher than the curb!) but it can only be a matter of minutes … leaves must have blocked up all the grids.

Luckily - there is scaffolding outside so if needs be I can get up to the roof for when the hellichopter needs to come for me :smiley:

So - what is going on round your way?

Was absolutely hammering it in Kingston 2 hours, road flooded etc.

Now, glorious sunshine :slight_smile:

Well after riding round in similar conditions to what you speak of this morning (could the clouds have been any darker) and then pulling up outside ones garage to see the sun come, I am now looking at blue skies … At least i now know that its only my trousers that are not waterproof anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

I got soaked last night/early this morning, but sunds out now in North London.

St Mary`s churchyard is not my resting place, 168 Passi hence I lie interred in sylvan repose.:wink:

I got drenched crossing my road.

Thats the joy of night shifts - you get to sleep through all the rubbish weather during the day :smiley:

When I walked to work round seven you wouldn’t even know it had been raining :hehe:

Weather not good for biking at the moment is it?:hehe: I do a commute up to bedford twice a week and the crosswinds have been…interesting, sometimes its like riding a bike with a sail! Rain is ok with the right gear but my 4 year old boots are starting to from pools in the bottom. Anyone done any aqua planing recently?? Hard to see the huge puddles before its too late!

And thats not forgetting the huge wave I rode through when a large vehicle hit a lake on the other side of the motorway and launched an impressive wave into my path. All good fun eh? Did I miss any other good things about crap weather?:w00t:

my textiles are 100% waterproof :slight_smile: apart from the pockets :frowning: need to find elsewhere to put my keys.

my work is at the bottom of a hill with an underground stream. We have 2 pumps running to stop us flooding out. But then if it gets that far then the picadilly line is a gonner too.

Home is 16ft or so above the river so that’s pretty safe :slight_smile: