Outrageously disproportionate penalty charge for parking

From not having had to pay for parking for years, today I forgot to pay the charge.

I came back to a £40 PCN on my windshield. It struck me how outrageously disproportionate the penalty charge is. The £40 represents 1.11 months of parking at the maximum possible tariff.

Put differently, if we applied the same metric to an offender who forgets to pay his or her parking charge for a motorcar, then they would have to pay a £1066 penalty charge.

When is this rabid discrimination against bikers going to end?

in answer to your final question …

when we can all be bothered to protest against these charges , there was a protest organised but no one could be arsed to go so they can get away with anything and no will complain until after it here :angry:

Looking at it from a purely financial viewpoint they are being very clever.

Introduce a couple of trials of the devices to make it look as though something is being started in the meantime introduce the charge, there has been a 60% increase of 2 wheel traffic in London over the last year and a half, so big income.

Run the trials for 3 - 6 months and the income from the charge pays for the purchase and installation of the security devices rather that digging into this financial years budget.

when ever i drive past a traffic warden i always stop to say hello with a middle fingered gesture:D

That’s harsh!

Weirdly, the paring guys around here (Ladbroke Grove) have been really helpful with helping me find somewhere to park my bike. Even to say that if I cover the bike, I can park it in Permit Holders Only bay as they can’t life the cover to see my number plate. Very nice of them really.


Still… The rest of them… Utter utter see you next tuesday’s.

Sounds like they are stupid or think you are. For many years now parking enforcers have been able to remove anything covering a number plate, and if there is no number plate the vehicle can be impounded.