If you have a copy of todays sun, look on page 20 at the top… please help signing The Sun petition as well.

As some of you will remember a few weeks ago I posted a ad about my friend who had died, well he was murdered and stabbed in the head by a screwdriver.

after only 17 months of an indef sentence they are looking to allow him out on day release, we need as many people as possible to sign this petition to keep him locked up this is just not on…

This is the story of what happened…


And this is the petition (you will be asked to make a donation this is not needed your signature will still be recorded)


PLEASE SIGN UP (I will bump this from time to time as we need signatures)

Done - signed it - if they let him out theyll just have to deal with another corpse and another murderer as he’ll get the lynch mob after him. Not that a give a damn about his welfare though.


I was asked to write an essay once on ‘Is There Justice In Law’ - when you read and hear about things like this the simple answer is NO!

thanks guys, the more people that sign the better… The way I see it, is if he is well enough to go on day release then he is well enough to stand trail now…

If you read the comments on the newshopper site, one actually stats to be a friend of the family and that the killer was going to try this!! it is just not on…

Signed :angry:

best of luck with this sleeper & to everyone else involved.


I have signed this mate, an absolute and total utter disgrace. This scum bag should have been jailed for life. Murder = life sentence, ie you die in prison.

I sincerely hope that this decision is reversed.

signed. sorry to hear about your loss, i defienently know how this feels…how the hell do u get day release for murdering some one?


cant understand medium security prison if he has mental problems severe enough to stab people with screwdrivers, horrible stuff

I’ve signed.

I can’t understand how, if your crime was bad enough for you to be sent to a medium security hospital, you can be let out on day release!

I am not trying to defend what has gone on here as I know far too little about the people and circumstances involved to have a valid opinion, but it might be helpful to understand what happens in a case like this.

The issue of day release arises mainly because he wasn’t convicted of murder (which requires a concious act). He was convicted of manslaughter by reason of deminished responsibility. This doesn’t mean he wasn’t fit to stand trial, he has been tried. What it means is that the law does not consider him guilty of murder in that he was not in a rational state of mind at the time of the offence. The court’s verdict means that he is to be detained in a mental hospital until such time a a mental health tribunal (a judge, a psychiatrist and a lay person, all unconnected with the case) consider he is safe to return to society as a free person. This of course may never happen in which case he could be in a mental institution far longer than he would serve in prison if he got a life sentence for murder.

Whilst he is in the mental hospital he is treated for his condition, part of that may involve trips out of the hospital, but he would always be escorted by people with the powers and muscles to restrain him if necessary (having competed at tug-o-war with a team of psychiatric nurses and I would not want to get in a fight with them!) The mental health tribunal would expect to see evidence that this person was able to act normally and rationally in public and was in no way a danger to other people. That process which almost certainly will take years and years if he gets out at all.

easy!, make sure when you murder someone, it’s in the UK…

Bull **** he killed my mate, he knew what he was doing he has played the cards and won… like I said above look in the comments under the article it clearly says from someone that knowes the family that he was going to try it and did…as you have said you don’t know anything about this case so please keep unwanted comments like this off… 17 months for killing someone regardless he should be in ******* prison not aloud out to visit his friends and family!!!I will never see my friend again all I have is memories and after 17 months he is going to be aloud out SO PLEASE don’t post **** like this!

don’t let his post stress you out mate :slight_smile:

to his credit Giuliano always tries to put balanced arguments into the topics but it doesn’t always come across right online

This maybe so but he know’s nothing about this case, for example did he know that he bragged about it on the bus on the way home? did he know that he went off to france the following day no? so baring in mind that I know more about this case than most he comments are not appreciated…

I only found out about this one saturday so am still highly strung about this at the moment, and therefore do not care for these comments, neither would his brother, his other freinds or family.

I lost a very good freind to someone who knew what he was doing, I do not care what they say about his mental health he knew what he was doing…


Cut the excuses Giuliano.
this is a clear cut case!.

sounds horrible, the ‘justice’ system seems to be failing so often, its depressing :frowning:

signed, couldn’t believe it when I read about this in my local paper last week.

I don’t know the full facts of the case but its really sad that this man was known to be “extremely violent” with a history of attacking people and yet he was allowed to remain in society until he eventually killed somebody. Whether he was sick or not he shouldn’t have been in circulation. Doesn’t seem right that with that sort of history he should be given day release- even if he is surrounded by minders something could still go wrong and it’s not worth the risk IMO. Surely the priority should be protection of the public over this sort of ‘rehabiliation’ which sounds as if it is just a way of improving his quality of life rather than a step towards freedom (which realistically he won’t be enjoying in the near future). You have to ask what has he done to deserve an improved quality of life? It sounds to me as if he is better off under lock and key and more importantly why take the risk?