outlook help.... again :/

So, I’ve managed to get outlook and my ipad/iphone to auto sync my calendars, contacts etc but the last problem I have is email.

If I add an appointment to my calendar on the iphone, it instantly syncs to my pc (great!)

my emails, however, dont appear on my pc at all. Any reason for this?

thanks :slight_smile:

Can’t read the error msg but I assume you have clicked inbox?

That error is occurring because you clicked on the Mailbox itself. You’ll need to click on Inbox to see the emails

@crookzy1 - the message is saying that it’s the root of an IMAP store

the problem is you’re a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

If I click on inbox there are still no emails :confused:
Soz. Been at work all day :frowning:

Send yourself a mail and then do send/receive just to confirm?

are the ipad and iphone able to sync email ok or is it all 3 devices?

Yea, the mobile devices are fine. I think it’s outlook based problems

can you confirm that the ipad and iphone are both using imap?

(The alternative to IMAP is POP3 - it’s probably called ‘server type’.)

Huh? :smiley:

POP3 won’t work so well, as she wants all her msgs (in and out) to be sync’d, which won’t happen.

@BikerGirl - feel free to PM or email me, and I can try to assist :slight_smile: