Outlet in UK?

I was reading a topic in another bike’s forum (Italian forum). I understood that in north Italy there are several outlets forom Alpinestar, Dainese, Suomy etc. where you get stuff at very good price.

Do you know if there are some outlets in UK as well?


they are called shops over here that give good discounts :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure of any large outlets, but there are some very large accessories stores (check out demon tweaks for starters!!) that pretty much always have deals…Infinity might be having some good deals soon…

:smiley: or hein gericke are pretty good

Bike Shows and BMF rallies are best places to get old stock cheap if thats what you mean.

or cbbuzzer,s shop on EBAY he has loads of stuff not all in his shop on ebay though

found the addresses of some outlets in Italy. I booked a flight for the 24th of November. It is also a good excuse to visit Venice, since they are in North-Est Italy. I heard that you can get very discount, I will let you know!


What an excuse for a trip :cool: