Out with the old... in with the new

Howdy folks!

I used to be an LBer a few years back, before my company moved me to Newcastle.

I used to ride this fiasco until it fell apart, motivating me to take my full bike test (I was the second person to pass the new-style test in Newcastle; the third somehow high-sided during the off-road module!)

I now ride a knackered VFR400R that I’m still getting used to but which is quite capable of scaring the crap out of me when it wants to!

I live in Cheam, work in central London and am trying to get back into Kingston uni. I’ll try and pop down the Ace or BM sometime. (Do people still meet at Borough Market on a Wednesday?)

Von Cheam

[Edit - added bike pics.]

Hello :slight_smile:

Welcome to back Londonbikers.

Loving your handle - reminds me of Eddie Izzard’s Death Star Cafe sketch




You’re back

See you at the BBQ perhaps :smiley: