Out for a While

Hi Guys

I am selling up and leaving biking for a while as i dont get to use it as much as i would like. and its money just sitting there. I will be returning to biking at some point once a biker always a biker.

I will still have the great friends i have made through here but it means i will have to part with my beloved Gixer.



This is a great shame. :frowning:

Thats bad news…:frowning: Cant you just get a cheaper bike to leave in the garage? thats part of the reason I sold my R1, I bought a CBR1000F for £850…

Sorry To Hear You Sad News :w00t::w00t: But Hope You Get Back To Bike’Ing Soon:cool::cool:

Thats the plan sell this one and get a cheaper one next year

It’s sad to hear when someone gives up, but I’m sure you’ll miss it and want to come back sharpish. If you do go for another bike then buy in the winter months. I picked up my 929 Blade for £1700 in November last year. Proper bargain.

It Looks it mate if I was thinking with my heart it wouldn’t be going but sometimes u have to be smart

Nah, trust me as a blonde, being smart is over rated lol :wink: KEEP IT!

Lol thanks Alice But needs must

sorry to hear this