Our very own 'El Tel'

in Peniscola with his Senoritas :w00t:

Nice Tshirt :wink:





Well… did ya Tel :wink:

wat a tart!!! how much did he pay them again debs!!! he didont look to good the next day!! a bad el plonko head!!:hehe:

good lord, poor girls! hehe please tell me hes not wearing them god awful crocs!:stuck_out_tongue:


Thats a daft question, its Terry we are talking about here.:stuck_out_tongue:

If it was with the first one, then I HATE YOU!:smiley:

Nice fanny pack mate :unsure:

Grim trying his best - bless him :wink:



I think this pic shows why they weren’t bovvered :Whistling:



LOL :smiley:


hehe nice pics!! Terry - never in a million…

Grim, nice to see you enjoyed the sherry mate!!

:angry: I got a Daughter older than them, got me limits you know…you filthy load of c*nts :smiley:

since when did you know your limits tezzer? hehe:D

That was me prob that nite…after a few sangria’s even Grim started looking fookable :smiley:

I never knew you cared :wink: Do you want to share my room next time :Whistling:

You couldent even find your hotel. :laugh::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

Grim, good to see you enjoying yourself mate.

Terry, the only reason you say you have limits is because you know you have no chance.:stuck_out_tongue:

Nice Pics … :smiley:

I need some Sun :hehe: