Our NEC Motorcycle & Scooter Show Coverage!

By now, the more astute amongst us will have noticed that we started to publish our NEC show coverage yesterday, though for those of you who don’t venture into the rest of the site (god forbid!), here’s a preview of what we’ve got:

Hey all, we were at the opening day of the NEC Motorcycle & Scooter show yesterday. There’s quite a lot going on, next year should be pretty cool! We took hundreds of pictures and have an article online for it. We’ve got shots of the new R1 and GSXR 1000, amongst all the others. There’s more photo galleries to come as well, check it out. Below are a few preview snaps, click into the galleries for the real deal:

The NEC Motorcycle and Scooter Show 2006 Review

Full Galleries:
http://londonbikers.com/galleries/gallery/6be91598-095e-4732-907b-30438e284988 Gallery #1
http://londonbikers.com/galleries/gallery/985bfb9a-9282-4fbc-8e20-092482d6b8b6 Gallery #2

Preview Snaps:

Personally I was digging the new KTM supermoto:

There was also something very sexy about these two blue things:

What catches your eye?

Nice work buddy

For some reason the 07 KTM Supermoto reminds me of an origami duck!

Err 07 CBR600RR??? LOL I think your finger slipped…it’s the CBR125

Some good pics Jay whats the K7 like up close are you tempted, im going to show Wed 1st.

Top pics Saved me going all the way there

Sometimes it sucks to be in America…

Sharpshooter, no, definately the CBR600RR They’re getting smaller and smaller!

Pete, the new thou didn’t do it for me, but that’s not to say it’s not a good bike, of course it is, and anyone would be proud to own one, I’m sure, but it wasn’t an upgrade in my eyes, which is a shame, but then I don’t really need to be thinking about upgrades right now. I’m more than happy with my K5.

Some nice bikes there this year, but nothing REALLY stood out, feels like a bit of a quiet year really.

Not sure if ill make it up there this year but great pics all the same Jay

Is it worth the ride up there?

Wow thats mega tiny

I honestly thought that was the 125, then i remembered the 125 still has those gay clip on mirrors…

Great pics - thanks for posting. Shame the Duc 1098 was not there, it would have been nice to see some good pics of that…