Our criminal system is too soft

this guy should have at least serve a few years behind bars


if you read the paper today youll know why …but the link above links you to the page

sometimes i think this country sucks

shocking. all he had to do was not the reg of the ambulance and he could have pursued it another way. tosser of note!

I didn’t think van drivers used their wing mirrors anyway.


Oxygen wasting prick!

Sometimes? You are optimistic.

Oh what a twat, he should be banned from using the NHS! Absolute waste of life. Do think sometimes though people should do more to voice their concerns about these cases? (if all the facts are correct of course, you know how the media is)

He was enraged because an ambulance clipped his mirrror, what the hell? did he actually think the ambulance driver did it a purpose? what the hell was abulance driver supposed to stop and talk to the van driver, and apologize? just to make him happy whilst there was person dying in the back. That fact that he didn’t get a prison sentence is DISGUSTING:

…and the only reason the ambulance clipped his mirror was because he didn’t give the ambulance room - where all of the other vehicles involved did. Unbeliveable ****** but something tells me he still won’t think he’s in the wrong.

Sad thing is that I’ve heard so many stories about the failings of the CPS that I’m not even surprised any more.

were there any days that the CPS actually didn’t fail for once?

Being held accountable for your actions isnt something we impose very well any more as a system. Lets see how Brooks or the Murdoch’s fare…

Looks like un-offical routes for accountability are more … effective … http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14199171

hah yeah, don’t believe a single second in it being a ‘suicide’, if at all, it’d be a staged one…

for other examples of unofficial routes etc., just ask Diana :wink:
and, fittingly:



Problem is, I cannot see anything that would of itself demand a jail sentance. Dangerous driving, maybe (actually what he was convicted of). Perhaps false imprisonment (of the patient - I would expect that the paramedics could get out). But there was no established causal link between the blocking of the ambulance doors and the death. Perhaps there should be a separate crime of obstructing a lawful member of the emergency services in the performance of their duties. However, currently this law only applies to blocking the police. As it is, I cannot see anything other than dangerous driving.

That said, he would appear to have received the minimum punishment possible for dangerous driving, and I am surprised that a custodial sentence was not awarded, especially since this was crown court (so prison of up to 2 years was on the cards).


He probably even think that hes had been dealt with unfairly and that the punishment he has been given is not justified.

Death by dangerous driving?

The criminal justice system is just plain broken.

As Bob said, there is no causal link between his actions and the death. The guy had a heart attack and could have died regardless of this man’s actions.

But as Bob said, that appears to be the minimum sentence available.

Oddly though, we go through a procession, we blame the police for being ineffective, then we blame the CPS for being rubbish, then we blame the judges for failing in their duty.

At the end of the day, as they say on Jeremy Kyle (apparently), the buck has to stop in one place, and that is at the feet of the Government.

They set the guidelines and give advice to the Judges, and basically tell them not to send people to prison unless there are real concerns over safety, so those are the people we should be angry with.

Stop the Government bullsh*tting and telling us that Prison doesn’t work and force them to make places available so that we can more readily send people to prison.

Then the police can do their job, and feel like they have achieved something, the CPS can bring a case and get a result and feel like it was all worthwhile, the judges can actually issue sentences that matter and the victims of crimes and their families can at least feel a tiny bit of justice has been served.

Until then this will continue.

I suppose we can only hope that next time he does this it has a member of the royal family or an MPs family member in the back…then of course like Gilmor’s son we will be assured of a custodial sentence.

fuk sakes ere we go…


Very murky that.

IMO the van driver should be banned from driving for life.

This doesn’t surprise me at all, It’s not out of the ordinary to have people abusing or threatening you when you’re driving an Ambulance. I’ve not seen anyone do this yet though!

There is a law regarding obstruction of Emergency Workers:


I’ve never heard of anyone being prosecuted under the law but it may have happened somewhere.

My expectation is that this was not raised as the punishment would not be on top of that for dangerous driving, being only a level 5 fine at most.

The longer I stay, the more disheartened I become …