Our cops should do this more often..


One of my pet peeves dealt with perfectly :smiley:

Hahahahaha they should do that to all those that hog the fast lane at slow speed!

I bet he sh1t himself when they turned on their blues


Sad thing is that the driver probably did not believe he was doing anything wrong!
Trouble is there are too many drivers doing it, only way to resolve it is to make it an offence.
Then that becomes an issue for a lot of people, nanny state human rights etc etc.

Similar thing happened to me in Belgium. They’re apparently quite strict about their speed limits so I was doing 130kmh on empty highway in fast lane, and as I approach cop car in the slow lane (they’re impossibly disguised so you can’t tell from a distance) they pulled into fast lane before me, waited until I slowed down do 110kmh (the limit) and then moved back to the slow lane :slight_smile: Works much better than a ticket if you ask me

Same happened to me and a mate in the limehouse link tunnel, was filtering through traffic at a progressive pace, when a cop car in traffic that we hadn’t seen flashed their blue lights and siren, we immediately slowed down, they were happy :smiley:

brilliant! :smiley:

Isn’t it solid whites in the limehouse link?


That accually looks like that happened in NJ!! I never seen that before but glad as hell it did. People here don’t know the meaning of slow traffic to the right!!!

Slightly weird as you are allowed to undertake in the states?

LOL legend

That is epic!
Hate middle lane and fast lane drivers that just sit there for no reason! Motor way driving should be on Tests!

its not just on a motorway that you have lane discipline.

and if you spend your test in the right hand lane, you will fail (for improper use of lanes).