Our Alice the Teacher

with her new glasses she has on, she looks well sexy dont she NOT



and to think I missed out on her new look by not showing up on Friday night!

should’ve gone to specsavers!:smiley:

Shoulda come - oh sorry, thats right, you have a crippling elbow injury lol`;)

that the diedre barlow look ya going for ? :slight_smile:

Glasses or no glasses i wouldn`t say no.:w00t:

alice is a pretty girl:)

yeah but not with glasses like that

maybe she is trying to get people to amagine her without the glasses that would be better:)

nice teeth :hehe:

lol was good to meet you :slight_smile:

Nice smile :smiley:

Awwwww shucks, ya making me blush lol:blush: So whos comin to italy then…:wink: :laugh:

who’s italy:)

My idea of a sexy school teacher

Yeah but bet shed have trouble riding a bike - where is the armour huh?:laugh:

i wouldn’t want her riding a bike, id want her riding something else :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I fed you that line! lol

alice i hope u dont teach your students that line:w00t:

I am very professional when teaching my class of 14 italian soldiers in uniform - honest :Whistling:


you got me there do they fire blanks lol