Oulton Park

It looks fairly “simple” is it much fun?

It might look simple but its not, and its a hoot.

It’s not a simple track to learn as Trigger says. It’s very technical and will take a while to learn as it has a bit of everything from a hugely positive cambered hairpin to the very fast flowing Clay Hill and Druids in it’s 2.7 mile layout.

It’s a long way from London but i’ll be surprised if you don’t love the place. Just give it the respect it deserves as it can be unforgiving.

Hmmmm perhaps I’m biting off more than I can chew. Two track days on my R6 and I think I’m the poodles pods :crazy:

I think I’m becoming a junkie for it :cool:

Should I avoid it as a relative novice then? Then again I asked the same thing about Donnington Park and I’m still tempted to give it a go.

It is a long haul from London but it’s only 30 minutes from my in-laws :smiley: That means free B&B for me and also my wife gets to see her family. Might work as a bit of leverage :wink:

No need to avoid it at all RK, getting out on track is a good way to improve your skills and have a huge amount of fun at the same time:cool:I’m just saying that you’ll have to build up gradually and remember it’ll take a lot longer to learn than Brands Indy circuit for eaxmple. So you’ll have to be patient until you know your way round. Regarding Donington, this is my favourite track and perhaps easier to learn than Oulton. It’s also very safe too with plenty of run off. Good facilities there as well:cool:

B (22/10/2007)

Mind this time of year though…Donington is slippery when wet…Nowhere near the grip as Brands.

Like B says though, it’s probably my favourite track too…Can’t decide between there or Cadwell :unsure:

Oulton is a great circuit, very scenic, very technical and its just a long way for us southerners. If it was nearer, well worth a few visits to.

Donnington is far nearer, and I reckon better. Its probably my favourite. Moto GP is held there for a reason.

Cadwell is a lovely circuit, very scenic, but its a tight racing line.

I’m not sure I relish the idea of the 3 hour ride to my in-laws, to be honest, but at least I get free B&B for it so I can go up the night before and rest up.Oh and I won’t get stuck in traffic on the M1 or M6 like I do EVERY other time in the car.

Donnington will be convenient too, I have friends in Stoke I can stay with. I’m thinking these are worth a look then :cool:

Be sure to check out all the race galleries from Oulton to see how the pro’s take the various bends.

Looks an awesome track, love to run the 675 around it.

hey killer am from stoke myself…if your going to oulton on a dry day I’ll come with you…only ever done brands indy the once so am a complete novice but want to do a lot more this coming year…am bidding on a track zx7rr and if i win it will want to get out on it…hate the wet though…dont seem a lot of point to me driving in the wet…I know it improves my skills but still dont like it…

I’m not much of a fan of riding in the wet either. I’d probably only do a track in the wet if I’d already paid for it.

If you’re from Stoke then, does that make Donnington a possibility as well? I’ve got friends in Stoke so it should be an option for me as well.

I think, for you, the time from Stoke to Donnington is about the same as Stoke to Oulton?

Either way, it’s certainly a possibility as far as I’m concerned. Cash and time permitting, of course.

yes I am up for it…will have my rgv 250 and a zx7r by then all track ready so will have a bit of fun…want to do a lot next year just for the buzz…not going to take up racing too old, too crazy and too little fear to be going risking my neck racing…