Oulton Park BSB

Ok just sorting out pics from the weekend and here’s a few to be getting on with.

Top weekend :boiling weather, picturesque circuit, cheap (£2.50 pint) beer, new tent.

Oh, and brilliant racing and met a new friend of LB, Brendan Roberts the 21 yr old leader of the Superstock series and subject of the latest ‘LB interviews the racers’ series.

A Gallery and Interview article are around the corner, but as I say hopefully these pics will convey the hard work and drudgery that some of us volunteer for (right Silver?).

excellent pics andrew!! i was tryin to get a pic of the vivaldi suzukis at knockhill but i was only armed with my phone!!

Absolutely, I’m knackered (and sunburnt!) Can I suggest to anyone who intends in sleeping in their car all weekend to first buy an Estate model.

Incidently, Andrew, have you been watching the Sky Sports coverage? I’ve been on the TV about half a dozen time, wandering behing Keith Huwen while he’s interviewing people! Getting bored of seeing myself now…

Anyway, I need sleep, but here are some tasters…




A couple more…





Amazing pictures guys! I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Can’t wait to see the whole set.

I’m loving this shot…stonking angle to catch that power wheelie.




Ace pics yet again guys. Your hard work is appreciated from this direction. Now if only I had the time to go to all these lovely races…

Yes but you’re living the dream. I’m just watching

…pit girls in lycra with your tongue hanging out.

Doh shopped again.

I was there too. Did actually see you Andrew by Lodge corner but by the time i realsed you had gone so didnt get to say hi! Took me 5 hours to get home yesterday in the car as the M1 was shut at junction 15. Nightmare!

Great pics!

Here’s another!



Will you stop with pics? , esp if I’ve not done my hair or have my shanks out in the sun.

FFS man.

What a pro

You look chirpy; the very definition of “Happy Snapper”!

Excellent photos guys, I am amazed, there’s some reeeeeeally cool shots in there. Will comment more tomorrow, for now, bed!


Silver, did she stop smiling when she saw you?

Yeah, she realised what she was missing out on! What’s Shakey got that I haven’t…?

Probably more broken fairings…

And at least a handful more screws loose…that guy is INSANE.