Found out what a crash feels like tonight, it kinda sucks.

Got ran off the road when I was slowing down for ice by a full size Dodge Ram.

Ouch !

Well fortunately you lived to tell the tale (unless you’re posting from the other side ! knock once for yes… ), much damage to bike & rider ?

sh1t dude hope your ok…

Glad to see that your alright and still with us, so your now not a biking virgin, welcome to the gang.

Bugger !! Is the bike OK ? What was the damage to you ? and the bike?

Sorry to hear this, not good…

Ann x

Hope your ok mate, did you have bungs on it? Learnt how important they are after my first spill!


Whoah Front, bad luck… Was this on the new bike!?

Damn…glad to hear that you are “ok.” What’s the damage to you? To your bike?

Unfortunately, this is probably the ONE thing that all bikers can agree on…ride long enough and eventually you WILL crash.

If it’s on the right side of the bike you can say it’s gone. I had gear on so I just have few good bruises.

I think it’s funny that I rode 2 years on the 600 and never had a spill.

I don’t think it’s very funny that the truck driver didn’t stop.

Oh and I only had the bike for 6 days, bungs are in the mail


Hope the bike is fixable … and ya still alive so that is a bright side if there is one…

That’s the most frank damage, $4500 USD in repairs. I’m kinda glad I have a $500 deductible.

I’m thanking God for my helmet, it’s got a huge crack in it… very very very glad that wasn’t my head!