A biker gets the shock of his life on the A38 near Plymouth. Lucky he slowed down for the coppers on the hard shoulder! He was thrown clear and got up straight away! The Police now use this in their safety campaign video!


How nasty does that look … was the bike going from lane 2 to 1 ? looks that way ?

Also can’t see him getting up though the cars are in the way, the look on the WPC’s face as she runs back to the car isn’t a good one … is it confirmed that the poor sod was ok ?

the guy was fine. looks like the MPV was pulling over to allow the police car to pull out. MPVs - the new Volvo!

Thank god for that … it’s almost surreal when you see bodies flip through the air like rag dolls … not nice.

WTF: hope the rider was ok??

didn’t see him getting up.

I have been looking at this video again and again. Not very nice thing to watch but I was trying to figure out who was to blame (to avoid situations like this and all).

It seems that the biker has slowing down (brake light on) while changing from lane 2 to lane 1, whereas the car did not brake until too late (perhaps looking somewhere else?) while switching from lane 1 to lane 2 (after the crash the car goes straight on to lane 2 so this is where he was pointing).

Who do you think was at fault here? The biker? The car? I am not sure.

But the question is why did the biker slow down? Did he see the police car and perhaps was over the limit and decided to slow down? Who knows.

My guess is, he didn’t do a shoulder check and moved over into the slow lane for whatever reason not seeing the car that was almost upon him.

Car driver didn’t have time to react and blammo!

If he walked away from this one, he was one lucky ****er.

Crazy stuff, happens all to easily. Don’t assume anything out there!