Ouch, thats got to hurt!!!

How funny is this… Not only did poor Gibblets crash on the track and break his collar bone… The ambulance had an accident whilst taking him to the hospital… Here’s the link to the news piece…


Poor old Melandri though. He’s got neck injuries Hope it’s not serious!

Damn… thats not good eh! Hope it’s not bad…

“How funny is that?” Not funny at all, and I cannot understand a mindset of somebody who’d think it was. Unfortunately, not all of us ladies returned from Worthing today, and I for one would not find it funny had that particular ambulance crashed on its way to the hospital with the LB lady inside.

WTF is wrong with some people?

Oh Please Paivi!!! Not funny as ‘oh I’m glad he’s hurt!’, funny as a strange thing to happen!!! Deary me!

Great coverage of the event Tasha! The accident was bad eh? Just jibs to manage to crash even the ambulance, lol

Yeah watched it on the vid after returning from the girlie ride and it was lucky that more people didnt get hurt as that bike was flying - Gib isnt the luckiest of men is he

I watched it again lastnight, just had to!

… poor Sete ! Lucky number 15, after missing Silverstone today I am considering buying his lid…