Other Hobbies

As above, what are your other hobbies (outside of bikes obviously :wink: )

there’s others?

Coffee, beer, obnoxious loud music

there's others? me_groovy
So I'm told, hence me asking :D

Beer brewing

I used to be into cycling a lot before I got my bike licence. I watch a lot of history programs and podcasts. do a bit of photography now and then. 

Er, computers arguably. Though I only really do that when someone pays me to these days. Can I count fixing bikes as a distinct hobby from riding them?

Chop socky.  I like most styles of martial art, and have been practicing consistently since I was 16.

I like eating out with my friends, and do that far too often.  If I were to cut back on my dining out, I could probably afford another bike.  


I’m about 20 hours into my private pilot’s license, have to pause over winter since the runways are rained-out. I need to get more hobbies that aren’t summer-only :frowning:

Are you trying to get ideas for your Match.com profile?

Playing drums, cycling are my main hobbies, as in I don’t try to make a living from doing them.
My main interests are guitars though, I play professionally and I build acoustic guitars here in Oxfordshire.

its not a hobby.

Rugby, Playing guitars, general tinkering with things.

playing electric guitar (for my own pleasure) and lifting weights (when i have time)

Other than bikes, I like walking.  I stopped when I first came down to London, but after my spinal surgery I start getting out and walking more.  Find any excuse, currently planning Saxon Shore Walk, getting the equipment together and building up the distances and stamina.  Will be doing an all day walk up the Grand Union canal in a couple of weeks.  I’ve attached my year KM total and I probably walked further than some people rode.

Other than that I like exploring places, drinking a variety of different ales and whiskies, reading, science fiction TVs and movies.  And off course that all time favourite.



Mine is Jack Daniels,

Not just drinking it, over the last 18 years I’ve actually amassed quiet a collection. 

Ice hockey, I manage Haringey Hounds U18’s (top of the league - get in!) which takes up most of my spare time  -  Anything arty farty from stained glass to mosaic!


Cycling and football but can’t do either until my shoulder is fixed.