Other biker forums

This must be my favourite biker site as you lot are nice and welcoming :slight_smile:

My mate added herself to another site and they was all being mean to her haha just because she wanted to go pillion.

Do you agree other biker sites are rude and not very nice lol.

I love you lot :wink:


before i say anything about BCF, is anyone a member?

which one is BCF ??

Post the link let us decide whether they were being mean or not :stuck_out_tongue:

BCF - Bike Chat Forums

we love everyone on here…mostly:D

BCF= Self abusers-r-us!

hmmm if its abuse you want it has to be VD :stuck_out_tongue:

im only here because its one of the few places that put up with me … but im working on it …

different people like different sites, i know plenty who love LB, and enough who dont !

And haha Tim don’t worry no one likes good old Stace either !!!

Hmm not met the good old stace ?

who is she ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno Tim forum gossip told me she is a right minger !

i second that hahaha

Wouldn’t accept a ride off that Tug1340 CrazyChicka, you’ll be stuck with him forever !

Actually take that back, Tug will happily give you a lift !

depends if he wants a younger model … goes off to check cc’s profile

Opened a can of worms here :P:w00t: soz Brendan :wink:

Younger model, sheesh how olds Stacey? She older than she looks? :w00t: