OT - Internet Cafe / Skype place...

   I have some interviews coming up - but since they for trendy startup type places, they want a skype interview where I can log-onto the internet and code to some sort of online site…anyway anyone know of some sort of cafe that has enough privcy and features? Near moorgate/liverpool street ideally. 

can’t you find a quiet corner in a park or something and use your mobile?

I cannot imagine there is many if any internet cafe in central london

My old company used the South Bank complex a lot for when they needed hold interviews or work on / off line. If you’re brave enough to venture across the river, there’s always loads of space on the upper floors.

Do you just need space and an internet connection, or are you also after a PC to use?

Basically they want todo coding whilst talking - have managed to arrange this one for the day I’m wfh - since nothing seems to be around that way. Had to get a headset from Amazon though :s normally for phone interviews I go to a quiet spot and that suffices.

If you exit Liverpool Street station onto broadgate turn left and head in the direction of the RBS buildings. Keep on the left and the first corner you come to there is a new co-working hub there. Cannot remember what it’s called but I work in the area and have seen it on my commute. They should be able to provide you with a quiet spot. You would just have to pay a fee for the day…not sure how much

so you just need a space, you’ve already got a laptop? I’d find a local pay-per-hour coworking place and rent one of their meeting rooms.

That’s my work!

no internet at home, or what? :slight_smile: