OT: Composite doors

Completely non motorcycle related, so apologies for that.
Im thinking of getting a composite front door and have had a couple of quotes.
I’m after varying degrees of seriousness, some fake news, a bit of gentle ribbing and a whole load of unsubstantiated yet verbose opinion masquerading as fact.

I just had a upvc door installed… if you were in sussex I could recommend a company that do all of that

I’ve just had one fitted not long ago, had a few teething problems, but all sorted now.

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The most important thing with a door of this type is that you can’t break on through to the other side

You can’t go wrong with a composite door
I fitted one to my house 6 years ago
You need to check the makeup for the frame to make sure it’s reinfoced or you will be wasting your money as the frame will be useless 

I got my door and frame direct from the manufacture I think I paid around £1200 

They are heavy things to fit so unless you have some experience I wouldn’t attemp to do it yourself 

They are way better than a upvc door for strength
A upvc door can be cut with a stanly knife

+1 Wise words

The door frame, door surround and method of fixing all play their part in the level of security achieved. After you’ve got the door sorted you may want to look at the windows, especially those on the ground floor. But as with all things security the weakest link remains the weakest link and if a determined burglar wants to get in they’ll get in. For example how easy is it to get onto a roof, remove a few tiles, peel back a section of felt and drop in through the ceiling?

There’s opportunists and there’s determined. How much damage vs. deterrent. It’s a luck game to a degree. You can try to make yourself a less attractive target.

Big dog(s).

Fit a decent loft hatch
I have a Palco insulated access panel and it’s lockable from the outside
You usaly find this type of panel in industrial applications they are used for riser. HRU access
But do an excellent job in home applications and they aren’t to expensive

Oh come on. If they are in. And the decent loft hatch is locked from the outside. They’ll do what any decent loft conversion company would do and fall though between your rafters.

So you best be fully boarded up… With security screws… And alarm your loft.

Most rafter centres are between 350 & 400mm so a lot of people would be lucky to fit
And if you want to break through the plaster board you would need to make a lot of noise
im not a casual DIY person
I work in the construction industry and have a ressonable idea of how to make houses secure

I hear you. I’m just saying there’s a lot to think about when you get started.

We had a burglary in the neighbourhood very recently. Their weakest link was they left the back doors unlocked :confused:

Most issues round here are between 2 and 4pm according to stats. Did not expect that.

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I’ve got nice old solid wood front door that don’t want damaged. So everything’s hooked up to a monitored alarm.

Nic, Wise and NT can you recommend a manufacturer (as opposed to fitter) please?
Am looking at Door Stop, Solidor and Rock Doors so far.
Quotes around £1200.

I’ll see if I can dig out the info during the week
I have it somewhere at work

One manufacturer will probably be as good as the next and a composite door will mostly be a composite door. Where you may find a difference is in the installation team, they’re on a fixed rate and as such its in their interest to get the task completed as soon as. An efficient two man team could get a residential door installed before their morning tea break so you can see how eager they might be to get to their next job and next pay cheque of the day. Unfortunately its unlikely you’d be able to test the quality of a door or the installation until the Drug Squad turns out to breach it.

Conclusion - Go with a locally recommended company that offers bespoke manufacture and installation.

That’s all sage advice. As far as I can tell there aren’t any composite doors manufactured in the U.K. At all…

Manufacturers will be fewer than suppliers but there are a number of them

No experience of these guys but here’s one I found by Googling UK composite door manufacturers


There’s nothing in that website that I can see that suggests they manufacture the doors in the UK. I’ve been told all the doors come from China as a slab of foam, some with a timber core, then coated in GrP. These companies add furniture and install them.


“Each door is manufactured in the UK to strict industry standards, either by us or one of our trusted brand partners and they come with toughened or laminated safety glass and multi-point locking for your peace of mind”

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