Osaka local bikes

I ended up going to Osaka JPN instead of Seoul for a coupla days after Shanghai and had a blast…mind you the language barrier is huge, english is not spoken …period!, but still had a good time, took sum pics of the local bikes, they love all these 2-stroke ones, mostly 250-400cc range,all the teenagers have these huge 600 cc scooters which they put pipes on and they are freakin loud…sound like a harley! They have totally gone retro with the 2006 lineup with most of the main manufacturers coming out with bikes resembling the 70’s and 80’s (Gpz400 ,CB1300 etc). heres sum of the bikes including a scooter (Paivi take note u wud luv one of these!) Found this one street with bike shops and managed to find out after 1 hr of sign language and pidgin english where to find a accesory store…its called Nankai and they are like Heinz Gericke but bigger , this one was 6 storeys of gear!! Posting the link to the store here


Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 056.jpg

Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 057.jpg

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Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 061.jpg

and on a lighter note…check out no.#2 on the list of Prohibited Items which one cannot put into a public storage locker at the subway station…and the toilets are totally high-tech, 4 different sound settings that automatically play as soon as u sit on the throne, 6 diff wash cycles, front and /or back, hot or cold and finally image of one of the players of the Japanese team to the world cup on a 20 storey high LCD screen on the side of the building, the area is called “Dotombori” where the movie “Blade Runner” was shot .


Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 049.jpg

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Shanghai -Osaka mar 06 055.jpg

Lived in Tokyo for 5 years and the sheer variety of bikes and clobber is amazing. Thank God they dont have that here as the wife and I would be long divorced!!!

Hey, that’s cool nightstalker-one, thanks for taking some snaps and sharing them. I love how the culture of bikes is completely different over there. Far more restrictive licensing laws means people can’t easily own 400cc+ sports bikes, so they work around it with the super-scoots and 400ccc sports, eh!

Can you imagine; Suzuki don’t sell the mighty gixxer thou in their homeland! It’s not feasible to own one!