orgasmathon at NEC rideouts

Registered for a whang around on the KTM Supermoto 990, then later on had a go on the BMW K1200S.

The K1200S was by far the best machine, would be poor for commuting though so won’t remortgage the house to get one just yet

The KTM offering was fun. Serious fun. Would take one of them for nothing too

The BMW (R1 competitor with 160-odd horse) was immense. Got b0llocked half way through the ride from the tw%t RAC dude as he said I wasn’t riding responsibly. Nonsense. I wasn’t breaking the speed limits and wasn’t overtaking the others, like the agreement was. I purposely rode last in line, with the marshall dude at the back. He was upset as I was tailing off, then opening the throttle a bit. Rarely got out of 3rd gear on the 13 mile A road circuit round Brum.

If you have a spare 11 grand, get a K1200S!

My mate rode the starship enterprise BMW and was dancing along to the radio music. He liked his heated seat, grips and the electronically adjusted windshield.


PS The biker babes were wicked. Will have to post one of me with one of them, didn’t catch her name, but lets just say she may have been a little cold on her way home unless she wore a very warm coat LOL

There’s something strangely enticing about flying down the road with your music blaring out of speakers… Hrm I think it’s great that you get to test-ride the bikes.