Organising a Eurotrip to the Picos

Just started planning a Eurotrip (No, you can’t come) so in homage to all of you* who have done this many times before, figured I’d keep a record of all the requests. Will show it to the lads when we finally get on the road. Just a bit of fun, but all of these are 100% genuine and I will keep adding to them as/when :slight_smile:

*RiotingRob who started me off on my first few Eurotrips and DJ_Magic who has done a few.

I like my lie ins
I don’t like ferries
Can you put all the hotel details, addresses, costs on a spreadsheet
Can we go via Andorra
Can we go via Bordeaux
I need to check my mum can look after my dogs
What hotels have you booked - can you list them for me
Can we go to the MotoGP in Aragon
Can you go via La Rochelle

To be extended am sure!!

LOL…Good luck Nick. I love Eurotrips and enjoy the planning nearly as much as the riding (not quite).

Even though I am fairly easy going, when I lead a trip its a new level of stress. (hoping everyone is enjoying it, detours, when the roads aren’t as bendy as I think they should be, hotels up to scratch, does everyone get along, etc etc)

I’m out this year, new baby in April, means at home for 6 months, and before you say wife whipped, I am going on track day(s) to Laguna Seca in Nov, so I can’t complain.
I think my next organised euro will be the Picos, never done it before, heard good things, take lots of pics and ill see you when your back for a full run down.

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Can I come?

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lost that by a short head

Did years ago. Ferry to Santander, and winged it from there.

Made the fatal mistake of thinking March in Spain would be guaranteed nice weather. Uh-oh, it was cold and rained every day except the days it snowed - interesting on a motorbike.

I do remember the roads in the Picos are narrower and more twisty than we were expecting. My mate was on a BMW RT and found it heavy going at times. We then went to Léon and out to Santiago de Compostela - which we discovered is an amazing party town. By day it is full of the god-squad doing pilgrimage stuff, and once they go to bed the university crowd come out to party the night away. We never managed to get back to our hotel room before 6 am. As it never stopped raining we were happy to park the bikes and party.

We nipped into Portugal from curiosity but the roads were awful, and the driving worse, so we didn’t stay long.

Despite the rain we still had a great time. Some cracking roads, relaxed attitudes to speed limits, and met a load of fun people.


Last Sept I ventured into northern Portugal and swore blind I’d never ride there again. Agree with you ref cr*p road surfaces and poor driving. Way way worse than Spain imho. Won’t be going back tbh

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Yep, Picos is the way :slight_smile:

Speak to Franc. He did Picos last year. Swears by it now!