Ordering Tyres . . .

Opinions please guys!

Bike is used as a toy, only when it is dry (ish)!

Bought the bike a year ago, and only really covered about 4 - 5k miles on her, so she is not used all the time!

Wanna have a tyre that will be OK for the odd track session, but also be great on the twisties!

Ordering tomorrow, so opinions would be appreciated!



Both good tyres, the standard diablos will be cheaper, but the 2CT’s are more raved about, and I like em.

I just got the pilot power after having a set of diablo’s and they are fantastic. I did 450 miles to Nuburgring 2 days on the track and back and they performed great !

conti road attacks, best tyres i have used, and they look the sex :w00t:

i rate the diablo`s aswell great confidence inspiring tyre but for a track tyre and balls out road tyre bridgestones btoo2s are absolutly the muts nuts

i have to try the race tecs and the corsa111s to compare but from the three track days and the handfull of road rides the bridestones are a good choice there good in the wet aswell

Avon Viper Sport - grippier than diablos and much, much cheaper.

£139 a set at FWR at the moment

Mine lasted just over 3k miles of fairly severe abuse on a ZX9-R.

I literally this morning just had a set of PP 2CT’s fitted to my Mille.

It was a toss up between the normal pilot power, 2CT’s or diablo corsa 3’s. I had normal Diablos before, and Dunlops before that.

All I can say is, GET SOME 2CT’S!!! After the morning out on the bike, they are amazing, worth every penny! Not just for the extra tyre performance but the extra confidence too!

PP 2CT’s awsome on track and on road.

Pilot Power 2CT’s from me as well

Thanks for the input guys - it helped a lot.

Got a couple of mates who ride, and they were raving about the corsa III.

Got a set of those.

People have concerns that they dont last too long - I only cover 3000 miles ish per year!

Roll on the fun!