Order please...

Right, you lot.

I’m back.

Hols are over, so slow down, less wheelies, stick the big plates back on and the baffles in if you please…

nice to be back.

lol, welcome mate!

Welcome home. As for that little list, as if anyone did that while you were away…

Arse, and my “show plate” turned up this morning!!

i did, fix it note done, went home and changed em back

maybe porkscrathin, you could let everyone know if your gona be at cubana later so they all know whether they need change everything over for your eyes or not


Welcome back!

Check out Breast Cancer weekend post in General - sign up if you can!!!

Hehe, welcome back PS! I have a note from my mother, so the list doesn’t apply to me. Coming down to Cubana tonight?

yes, notes from mother’s are ok…i expect you all to have them.

Too knackered for socialising tonight Jay…

and whoever ordered the heat in the UK…


i had a nice little chat with a couple of thamesvalley guys last night!!! they had a look at the video and said we could really ruin your day!! i apologised! he asked if i’d had a drink and how long i’d owned the bike and then let me go!! didnt look over the bike at can/plate etc and they where both nice guys!! even complimented on how she was running and how i dealt with a car that almost pulled out!!

so if they let me off i’m sure you could cut us some slack!! eh PS

Nearly all TVP Traffic cops are bikers…

not all are Police riders…but most share a passion for biking which is why you probably got that chat as opposed to anything else…


wheres your mother’s note?

she’s in portugal till tomorrow so i’ll pop to me nans and see if she’ll sign it off!!

Hey Del, where did you go on hols mate? Good to see you back… Hopefully catch up with you soon…

The wife is Maltese so i do an annual trip to Malta visit the relatives!


“order please”

a g&t please old chap

Welcome back porkscratchin’s hoped you had fun

Da, you back on your ped yet?

Do you want a BIG slap mini mo calling my baby a ped, don’t make me hop over there


Are you both patched up yet?