Orange Tree Pub

Here’s a map and various details for those of you who are going to the Orange Tree:

C U there

ermmm where is it? never heard of the place

yep, really good pub - had a ride up there a couple of weeks ago with my flatmate -the road its on it sooooo sweeet.

when i first got my licence i used to head up there and just do the run from one end to the other

NAMES…NEED NAMES…Im trying to ask for a “seated area” inside for this dammmed GP…help me out…type a list !!!

… a list!!!

Good answer!

Has there been any progress on this, I,E where we are meeting, time, etc.

ok list

Sean 077410 and LadyPillionRider





Abbeyj (maybe)


I have just got off the phone and and there is good news and some bad.

I didnt have a complete figure to give the manager there in respect of how many of us there would be so a n exclusive seating area for us to have to ourselves is out !!

What she did tell me was that Sunday is their most hectic day and for those of us that would like to eat it would be a first come first served situation in the bar area with seats and they are availble with quick turn over The Bar area Ive been told is comfortable and the whole place has just had a refit to a high standard.

We are welcome to make ourselves at home.

Outside…(weather permitting) is also a free area with no booking needed to find yourself a place to sit, drink or eat and foods will be served to you.

Now the “Bad News”…after reffiting they decided a TV wasnt needed as not having one prevented the undesirables they were getting on football days !!..NO GP SHOWING HERE IM AFFRAID !!

To end on a high though…with future warning … are welcome to have areas reserved for them inside and out !!

So if the weathers ok and interest is still high then those interested drop me a pm so I have an idea on numbers and I,ll arrange a CENTRAL MEETING POINT TO SUIT ALL.

Took my girlfriend up there when I first passed me test, perfect setting, nice roads.

Well i guess thats why they produced sky plus then, for us to record the GP!

exactly what Im gonna do so as I said…weather ok then Im going…will post later.

It doesnt look like Im going to make this rid due to family illness, if that is the case then this like gives you the location and the movable facility to plan your respective routes. My appologies but at the moment there is nothing else I can do.

And please remember that you are all representing our community here (why am I thinking ‘The Wicker Man’ here?) so that means :

  1. No loutish behavour including backfires, burnouts, excessive noise, stunting no matter how hamfisted,
  2. No unscrewing of salt and pepper pot lids,
  3. No watching of God’s sport - MotoGP (it seems)


If we are welcomed back, then job done. Go have fun and I’d be there except the BMF show beckons.

Oh mate…they are so staunch on the noise and the car park antics…good reminder…One Issue and we are outta there …that was made in clear by the manager on the phone yesterday !!! good please !

Well lady pillion is sick today, but if this is still on i might be able to get away for a bit?

i am gonna pass on this today…

way too tired!!!

We need the summer badly! if it was sunny, there wouldn’t be anything that would hold us at home! I need sun!