Orange Tree Pub

The Orange Tree Pub in Totteridge is Biker Friendly.

I had the pleasure of a couple of hours there and the food is great and the place is lovely.

Its an Old Coaching Inn and set in its own grounds with a very large car park right in front of the Pub (safe) and they have some greenery out front with a duck pond and scattered benches

There is a seating area for alfresco dinning and its all very proffesionally looked after.

The drinks prices are more or less standard but the food prices are a tad scarey looking until your order is served to you and then you know you get what you pay for.

Its georgous.

There are also some great little twistys in the area and would be beautifull on a summers day.

(very romantic for that special someone you are with or that special someone you shouldnt be !!)

morning Barro…

Sounds like a nice sunny summer sunday day out.

Lovely up there Topper…family friendly and kiddies meal deals too !!!

Barro the LB pub scouter

…I was gonna grab a duck outta the pond…

whack that on the counter and ask for some plum sauce !!!

but I settled for the house sea bass !!!..

Ahhhh poor duck lol! Actually thats the only animal that I feel really guilty eating! Dont think it would taste good though fresh from the pond. Barro and his big bat


That means the car and not the bike…

I ain’t got aircon. Summers day , 2 kids, nagging wife… nuff said.

Don’t mention it to Tina.

Oppps…say no more !!!

Top place that pub, Umm! good memories…

Shall we all ride out to the pub this sunday for brunch? who’s in?

Done deal !!

I’d be up for that, however will they be showing the MotoGP?

yes they have a tv area sean.

excellent, me and lady pillion will be there for definate then!

I live right next to that pub, I can walk there its so close.

Great pub and the food is really good and not to far from some nice roads I know

Pm sent.

ok jacks, u going to this pub then? …ive got another jules coming out sunday…need to know where we are going,…is it ace, southend or this totteridge pub (where IS that from ilford?)…

Heres a link to a good pub guide site to give you a bit of info on the place.

If there is enough of us interested in a visit this Sunday (weather permitting) then I,ll arrange a “Central Meet Point” and Time.

So take a look and add names to thread please.

I’m up for this dependant on time on Sunday should be back by then…

Looks good to me, there’s a pub in harefield called the Coy Carp similier layout, massive car park and nice food, if its like that my missus will love it aswell!