Orange Broadband issue

I want ask you guyz is anybody has Orange Broadband? I sign up with them two weeks and still have no luck to

be connected . Now I’m using dial-up service

I takes up to a month for connections.

Up to a month? Wow. I’ve been with Orange since they used to be Wabbit and I generally love them, but I politely refused when they offered me free broadband. My connection is too important to me and Wanadoo ( = Orange now) just isn’t that good a company

Hope they pull their finger out for you.

If they don’t, call it all off and sign up with Eclipse

Yeah, sure thing, but i need to pay cancelation fee as well mate

Had same issue with Sky but they really messed up. Now I am with Be Internet For £24 a month you get unlimited up to 24meg broadand with up to 1.3meg upload. Customer services, technical etc are UK based and best of all FREE!! And only 3 month contract. No probs with them. Got a wireless router and I get really fast speeds even though my line is only 8meg download maximum as that is fastes speed for my line but I get over 1 meg upload most of the time. Great for Gaming and using peer to peer.

Hope this helps


Yeah, Be There are rather new, so I’ve been waiting for everyone else to test it first

You’re into gaming? Check my site - Which games do you play?

We tend to be on the Xbox 360 rsather than the PC right now for gaming. my gamertag is SAHMRAW, my hubby is Sardonumspar and our joint is dogbol69. We’ve got Burnout Revenge, Oblivion, Smackdown vs Raw 2007, UNO, Texas hold-EM, Tony Hawkes Project 8, Lego Star Wars, etc. Doug is on it more than me tbh.

I also play the Sims 2 when I am bored.

When I get a decent job I will buy Xbox360 console. My neighburer has one and games for it are fantastic.

Hmm so what broadband provider is the best in your opinion?

BT have download limits though that can affect online gaming.

LOTR online sounds appealing. But with paying dfor box live we don’t want other online subs. Did try ultima online but didn’t like it. Used to play Sims online for few years and legend of mir.

It may well be BT’s hardware, but that’s actually a minimal factor if you ask me. I would never sign a Broadband contract with BT as their service is terrible. BT don’t provice the DNS servers either, that’s your ISP. BT have many restrictions, many other providers don’t. Many others have lower contention ratio’s too, which is how they can have quicker lines even though they are using pretty much the same phone lines.

Check out for example. Have a look at this comparison of Eclipse, BT and Bulldog -

Going on the compatisons from that site, Zen are still one of the best, but I have a funny feeling they have bandwidth limits. I’m with Eclipse, who have very good customer service, quick lines, great reliability and no use limits.

As for gaming, I’ve played a bit of WoW, but I soon bored of it. I used to love Ultima Online, before they ruined it about 5 years ago

These days it’s mainly Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2, with a little Company of Heroes thrown in for good measure

im with the simple provider;

tesco broadband.

512 no limits broadband.
no problems in over a year.
only £13.79 PM

does the basics-which suits me.

good luck.

Word of Warning on “Free” offers:

  1. they usually hook you into an 18 month contract and then when the service is really bad you are sh*fted for the next 17 months.

  2. because the contention is so high (i.e 50 or more people to one modem) this means that the broadband can run as slow or slower than dialup

  3. They often sign you up and then leave you without service for months before connecting you, but stopping you going elsewhere (like Sky tried to do to us!)

  4. they often change the terms and conditions unfavourably within you contract period and then you are stuck until your contract ends.

  5. If you try to leave early they will often charge you huge amounts someimtes hundreds of pounds to leave.

  6. their customer services are on premium rate numbers either 0870 or even 0906 numbers.

You would be better off paying a small fee for a 3 month contract or even month by month unless you are reccommended by someone who has used the service for a few years and always look at customer reviews BEFORE signing on the dotted line…

Oh and some services that give you a router are incompatible with other equipment like games consoles and if the router breaks they insist on you paying up to £100 for a new one you cannot just buy another one, again SKY and Orange are the worst for this.

Hope this helps.

I did enjoy WoW, just it didn’t hook me. Nothing really compares to how Ultima Online used to me. For example, in UO you can recall to anywhere in the entire world (as long as you have a rune for it) instantly. I find it very boring in most games these days that you have to run/ride places…

I play on Bladefist, a european PvP server. If you playing MMORPG’s on a PvE server, why not just go play a single player game…

I’ve made it to level 26 as a Priest but also have a lvl 60 Paladin as I took the account from a friend who’d given up.

My friend is in the beta of LOTR Online. Looks good, but I’ve kinda given up on MMO’s again for a while.