Opinions - should I sell my bike before ULEZ comes in?

I know ULEZ is a fairly divided topic so I’m hoping to avoid discussion around whether motorcycles should or should not be affected.
I’m hoping to get opinions on whether I should upgrade my 2006 Honda CBR600RR now or wait until a definite decision on whether I will have to pay the charges.
I really like my current bike and since I don’t ride much, the cheaper insurance is a benefit vs a newer bike. I also do a few track days a year so I wouldn’t want to spend too much on a bike that I could potentially bin on track.

Will you be in the ULEZ?  Will you be commuting into the ULEZ?  If the answer to both of those is no, then keep it.  Otherwise it might be worth upgrading to a newer compliant 600rr.

I changed my bike over last year. A 2005 CBF500 and bought a NC700X DCT.  Worth doing it as I did get more for the bike than I would now. It is enjoying bombing around Bristol now and the new owner loves. it.  Price it accordingly and it will sell.

What is your downside in keeping the bike? The potential loss in value if it’s not ULEZ compliant? If so, how much do you think it will fall in value to a London commuter buyer?

I currently have parking at my work in the city (luckily) so I intend to commute occasionally. I am living outside the ULEZ but I hope to stay working in the ULEZ.

eezie - that’s probably the main factor, if I don’t have to change I rather not (I quite familiar with my bike) but also don’t want to be left with something not worth anything due to ULEZ. I have no idea how much ULEZ will affect the value… 10 pct? 30 pct? Also with insurance quotes, something newer usually works out about £200 more on my current cost of £200.

another reason NOT to come to London for me. ULEZ is not going away but it is keeping me away. However if I HAD to use the bike in London then I would upgrade to a newer one but be careful the age limitation this year will change next year too, so you will have to keep changing your bike as the age changes

Just because you live in London doesn’t mean the next purchaser of your bike will .
So loosing money because its not ULEZ compliant is not something that will happene as someone living in middle of country won’t care if it belches nasty fumes and someone who needs a ulez compliant bike won’t entertain buying it

Thanks TimR, I think you’ve just provided a light bulb moment. It might be harder to sell later on but since I’m not overly concerned with getting top dollar when I sell, I think I can live with that.
I’m currently thinking I will keep it until I have to sell it if I’m commuting or have to cross the ULEZ in future.

Thanks everyone for your input! :) 

I was coming from the same angle. My view is you do not need to sell it.

Am going through the same process as I commute into the zone. Afaik the decision is made. What makes you think otherwise?

I thought people were still campaigning? I’m not hopeful but you never know!

I’ll not be selling The 250 any time soon. Its a 2006 early adopter Euro3 compliant Honda that may attract TfL stealth tax demands. The real question is how often will you ride in the charge zone?

I’m slightly tempted to upgrade the bike to something ulez compliant, not just because I want a new street triple, honest.

That one trip to BM every few months is definitely worth it (the only time I go into the ulez)

I’m commuting into the ULEZ zone every day, so my old 2003 FZS600 will definitely need to be swapped by April 2019. The cost of paying the ULEZ zone each day would very quickly exceed the cost another 2007+ commuter hack. I’m now currently trying to find a bike in that sweet spot that is newer than 2007, good a commuter, but still at least as good fun as my Fazer; yet still under 1000cc and ~£3k value after which an inner London (Romford postcode) insurance premium hits £1k due to all the fecking bike thieves…  :-/

Yeah, a NC700 might be a good commuter but at half the bhp as my Fazer it really ain’t going to be fun out of town or on track.

Consider http://aceman.uk/ninja/ as I’m after a newer toy anyway.  Send me a IM on here if interested.

If you have another 2 grand down the back of the sofa

Martin, I think you miss my point. I’d love a ZX10R as a nice upgrade and better on emissions etc, but because of Romford postcode and fecking bike thieves even with clean license and bunch of no claims, it’ll cost me £2.4k to insure with a £850 excess (or MCE want £1.7k + £1.6k excess)… That money could buy me a very reasonable commuter hack fresh each year!

Ha! I didn’t even dare get a quote for the ZX10R!
Apart from it being stolen while parked, I’d be worried of being bike jacked with a bike like that.