Opinions please

What do you guys think? Personally stunting sportsbike is completely bobbins to me although I have some admiration for the skill involved I suppose.

Big and clever indeed when done in a safe environment, gotta respect the skills some of these stunters have.

Big and Clever out of those two options :wink:

As in I’d love to be able to do it all and I loved the likes of Gary Rothwell back in the day but it bores me after about 5 mins now.

They have to be ‘Very Big’ and ‘Very Clever’ to interest me these days :smiley:

+1Remember Dave Domokos?

Proper Stunt Bike:w00t:;):smiley:

If I had a bike that I wasn’t worried about dropping - like a pre-crashed bike covered in mushrooms and engine bars etc then I’d love to learn to wheelie and stoppie - I reckon the stoppie skills would come in handy for emergency braking - while overall it adds up to more confidence and skill on the bike which I guess is what we’re all after :slight_smile:

Cool pic :cool: What a beast to stunt on :w00t:How about starting a Retro stunt display on stuff like that :smiley:

him … http://www.thebikergene.com/videos/doug-domokos-the-wheelie-king-of-the-1980s/

after all that killed in a plane crash …

R.I.P Doug …

always strange things like that , Mike the bike = going to get chips with is kids

hissy = helicoper

and many more …

i’m invincible so far …springs to mind

I do enjoy watching stunting.

I remember Viz magazine did a photo story in which a motorcycle courier was forced by his girlfriend to ditch couriering (because she thought that he would be killed) and do a safer job - he got a job in a stationery warehouse and was crushed to death by a huge box of paper-clips which fell off a storage shelf:D

oh so true … Sid

big and cleaver!

Cleaver? isnt that what you use for meat?!:w00t:

You should know, it’s a form of chopper :stuck_out_tongue:

the rest of my avatar says it …

thats neat …i like this picture …

Found that article in a 1980 copy of bike magazine.

If only I had a Z1300 how easy it would be to wheelie properly, try his hints and tips on my last post, let me know how you get on, or off.

thats a mad picture , i remember that article about the 80’s " future shock"

have you read it ?

im far to relaxed to truly appreciate stunts :cool: