Opinions on this eBay listing please

So… after debating various pro’s cons on this listing with a mate. Please let LB speak…

I want your views on it, (Good or bad)

He thinks the paint is worth 1000+

Reserve is: £1200 (although he will reduce it to £1000 closer to the end)

This is a mate of mine, trying to sell it on to make a quick bit of cash, Im trying to be realistic with him but I feel Im not getting through…

Can people open up and tell me what they think, (Without being too harsh) LOL :hehe:


If he wants to sell at that price, DO THE “SMALL THINGS” THAT NEED DOING! I mean, seriously, he writes:

The front brake discs both need to have new bobbins put in. This will cost around £30 each. Still being used everyday.

Carbs could do with syncing, ive ordered a sync machine and this will go with the bike if it hits the right price. The bike runs well this will just tune it up to be a touch smoother.
So spend £60 on the brakes and tune it up. Then sell it without any bad bits! :slight_smile:

There is no such thing as a private plate in the UK only cherished numbers . Private plates only apply in countrys where you can call the registaration people and if you come up with one nobody else has you can have it . And what is on that plate aint worth squat .Golden rule of plates … if you have to point out its a cherished number its rubbish . Paint … Yellow …Not to everyones taste .

What, does he think someone from South West Trains is gonna snap it up for the numberplate?!?

Looks pretty tidy, he shouldn’t be expecting to be able to pass on the cost of the respray to the buyer though. Also a grand for that spray job is a bit rich, I’d have done it for half that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tidy little bike though, should fetch £1200 I’d have thought

Could be someone riding the A10 every day called Steward Wilhelm Troglodyte?

Not sure it says a lot about a bike when one of the highlighted selling points is a “Fairly new coolant bottle” :smiley: