Opinions on ps3 driving games???

I want to get a driving game for ps3 but have heard gt5 is a bit pants!

I had a go at forza4 on my brothers eggs box and want something as good as that.

So I’m sure someone on here has got some knowledge on the driving games available for ps3??

Been playing GT5 since it came out, still has me hooked. There are weekly events put online, time trials, drift events. There’s a great selection of cars with numerous mods you can do to improve performance etc… Personally it’s one of the best driving games out there if you’re will to give it more than 20 minutes of your time.

I’m seriously considering gt5’

Have you played race driver GRID?? That looks pretty cool but probably a bit dated now,

I tried the ridge racer 7 demo earlier!..PANTS!!!

Race drive is pretty good to, it’s a few years old now but still holds up well. It also has the addition of a storyline which GT5 doesn’t really have