opimions or solutions please

Im picking up my bike on fri but it hasnt any rd tax. as you know i cant get this until i get the papers (fri) & a insuranse cover note. ( which won’t come for a while as im getting my insurence tomorrow.

now there is no post office close by to the dealer & i need to get back to the other side of london.

is it worth the risk to just ride back.

ive done it many times before after picking up new vehcles, have been stopped too but proved i had just bought the vehicle and intend to tax it asap

get the insurance company to fax the covernote to you at the dealers. Not all post offices will accept a faxed copy but some do.

yeah risk it! if you get tugged you’ll have to back date the tax to the beginning of the month anyway, and as to insurance i thought the police had access to the insurance database so they know if your insured or not.

when i have been pulled in the past by the time you stop they know if you have a mot, tax and insurance your address and just about anything else they can think off!