open face?

so ive been riding for over a year now, only a little custom 125, never go more than about 60mph, because with me on it, well, it cant. quite happy though just poodling along. always been curious about the idea of an open face helmet/mask/shades combo, more for sunny weekends than the daily commute. just wondering if any of you lovely folks have any experience/advice/opinions?

I am well aware that face planting the sid eof a bus would hurt a lot more

I really, really value my lower jaw… Especially attached to my face!:w00t:
Tarmac will hurt at 10mph, so I personally never take the risk. Its full leathers, back & chest protector and a full face lid, no exceptions.
But freedom of choice and all that :smiley:

I’ve seen open face helmets with a narrow chin bar made of tubular steel - may be a good compromis if you want a more open design.

bugs hitting you would also hurt… :smiley:

Imagine what this guy’s face would have looked like had he not been wearing his full-protection lid

If you can’t imagine and you have a seriously strong stomach then this might help to convince you (using a URL as you really don’t want to look at this without bracing yourself first)

still think riding in a open face helmet is cool
welcome to the dark side of bike riding

Sorry Ally did not see your post

forget bugs…little rocks and other general debris hitting you at 60MPH f*ckng hurts! Not to mention if you come off…

thanks guys, that’s my decision made for me

Now now Pin you stole Ally picture.

Bit gross for daytime viewing.

Well that guys tongue survived, so that’s something positive. I’m not sure what’s worse about that image, the fact that the injury is so severe or that he’d have probably walked away with a bruise if he was wearing a full face. Poor chap.

good stuff…

plus some of the momo open lids make you look like a hipster… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

something tells me pins not too worried about the watershed

How do you know that’s a genuine pic of a motorbike accident? (Could be a gun shot wound)
I remember asking my instructor, who always wore his flip up lid open, if it was legal to ride like that. His reply was he knew the risks.
I did a ride down to the coast a few weeks ago & when I stopped found a dead wasp stuck to my jacket & another dead one in the (mouth) air vent of my lid :w00t:

that picture has made the rounds for gunshot, biker, fall off cliff and countless other tales…

That is a shotgun incident. There is a website somewhere that has verified it.

Back on topic, if you want an open face helmet get the Schuberth helmet with the steel chin guard.

If he was riding a bike when the shotgun went off
Would that still count

why not a flip face? my old one was great but wind caught it above 40mph so you HAD to lower it. get to lights again and lid up. set off and lid down. loved it but it was heavy

i knew a lad who had a roof boxer and a van changed lane on croydon flyover and nocked him off his ped he slid down the road headfirst then hit the centre curb.

well he has like 2 teeth left and a real bad scared up lower face

How many did he start off with though? :wink:

Firstly, well done for putting this out to discussion.

Secondly, well done for deciding against it.

My PERSONAL opinion: I would never wear an open face. I crashed into the side of a car , my face went smacking into the side of it. Bits broke off the chin bar, I had a sore jaw for a few days but was ultimately fine. Open face helmet, I’d have been completely fuckedd up, broken jaw, smashed up teeth etc… So for me , it’s full face for the rest of my riding career.

Plus, rain, cold, wind,