Oops, sorry...

In a moment of weakness I forgot that we do not blip the throttle at Cubana

Burn him!

said the man with the noisest supermoto out there…

Your punishment is a ritual flogging with young tender birch leaves to be administered by your good lady.

Then you must spend at least 3 hrs staring at her GSXR600 K6 while repeating “it’s not mine. I haven’t got a GSXR anymore”.

Serve your sentence my son, and with good grace.

Fooking motards…

I want one

Harsh… but fair.

Let him burn!

LOL… A right good spanking on the way to you then!!!

Is that an offer Foxy? I think there may be a quite a lot more ‘accidental’ blipping next week if it is!

My bikes not noisy its just a little vocal…

No probs, I can lend you a race pipe