Oops...Is this speed camera live?

No excuses. Lack of attention… This morning I set off the speed camera I’ve been riding past for over 6 months this morning. At the lights on the 3 lane St Georges Road A302 just north of Elephant & Castle. My clock was showing 39mph.

Does anyone know if that one is actually live/active?


It flashed therefore its live

^^ pretty much what I’d say

Pretty much what I thought. Never mind, lesson learned.

If it’s the one by the imperial war museum, then yes. It catches a few people out.

Not necessarily, the old film type cameras have been left to flash despite not being loaded with film…

Go back to the camera and see if its the old type then look into the glass window (not the flash) if there is a lens, its loaded with film :frowning: if there is nothing behind the window they you are a lucky boy :stuck_out_tongue:

If its a new digital type - oops :frowning:

If it’s an old Square one then they are usually analogue and can run out of film. If it’s a tall one on a stalk then they are usually digital and never run out of film.

If you were caught you’ll probably receive the NIP letter within 3 days, legally they have to send it within 14 or it will never come but with the digital cameras it’s much faster than that.

When I got flashed by a camera van it was on a Wednesday and I had the NIP on Friday so least it saves waiting around.

If you are offered the speed awareness course take it and go. It’s actually pretty useful.

If it’s this one, then it looks digital. So just hope that nothing comes in the post. If you ride a Honda then your hero speedo was probably over reading so you may be closer to 35. Best wishes.

Yep, that’s the one. Thanks all. I was thinking it’s a digital one. This confirms it.

I ride an Aprilia Pegaso so happy to have a speedo that works at all :wink: I’m thinking my 39 could be maybe a real 35 or 36 as Joby says.

Such a shame as I’ve been clear of points this time around for a good long time. I’m up for a speed awareness course too. More useful than paying a fine and continuing where I left off.

We could go for the old tyre full of petrol trick :wink:

No I’m just joking, I’d never advise doing something as dangerous as that on a public highway.

I think the digital ones are connected to the internet so setting it on fire won’t make any difference. On Bikesafe they told us that as soon as they flash the letter is in the post.

I`d try and worm out of it with the old Bulgarian Gambit.:pinch:

I was considering reporting my bike stolen from my house overnight and mysteriously recovered in the afternoon outside my work :wink: Maybe a thief with a conscience.

if its the 1 near st georges church then its a red light camera not a speed camera

Arh crap, hope you can go on a speed awareness course.

Those cameras are everywhere…

There are hatches across the junction so it’s most likely a combined camera.

Incidentally it’s been mentioned on here before but these are springing up all over the A4 West and East between Earls Court and the M4. Brand new cameras and new painted lines.

There are hatches and it definitely went off when the light was green. Whether it was me who set it off remains to be seen. I still haven’t got a letter but I’m calculating either tomorrow or Monday.

actually mate, they have upto 28 days to contact you so you could still be waiting a while. after that you should be ok.

if it is any consolation, years ago I set off an digital one on the Angel Road and never heard anything, like you I’m 100% certain it went off but never got anything from it. so fingers crossed

I’ve been flashed 100s of times, comes with the territory :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you link to that because every time I’ve read the law about NIPs on speeding it has very clearly said that if a notice is not provided at the roadside, one must be served within 14 days. You still need to send the form back completed as you are legally obliged to identify the driver, but they cannot do anything with it in relation to that offence.