Ooooops... How rude?

Thanks AbbeyJ for the earlier welcome and sorry for not introducing myself properly…

I’ve been lurking for a couple of weeks and have been wanting to post something relevent to LB for a while… hence the earlier topic in chat.

I stumbled across this site from the Ducatisti forum, and seeing as I am moving back to London after a 5yr absence in Belgium I thought I’d get the low-down on whats goin’ on in the smoke… As soon as I am settled back in Blighty, I hope to get down to the Cubana or the Ace and i’ll introduce meself in person.

Till then, and seein’ as I still live in Leuven the Stella’s are on me…


well you can make it up to everyone by putting your card behind the virtual bar!!

and seeing as how i have just lost all the work that i have been working on today - dam pc…

can i please have something strong!!!

welcome again!

Hey Trickyh, welcome to LB! What do you ride? Post up a picture of it in the Pictures forum for us!

Howdy Doody !!..welcome to LB…see Cubana thread !!..

hi abbey, something strong coming right up…




Cheers guys, picture is in there now… She’s an '04 749s and has been putting a HUOGE grin on me face since last November…


one word and one word only


Welcome to LB enjoy!!

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

Cheers for the warm welcome guys… even tho’ I have caused a bit of a kerfuffle with my first ever post!

7 weeks to go before the big move!


abbey i can agree

welcome matey!!! hope to see ya at the cubana sometime!

tricky dicky from motorush ehh…how you doin?

? Soz Nadsta but I think you’re confusing me with another Tricky…

not the South Londoner tricky dicky from who moved to Belgium 5 years ago then with an SP1? my apologies, I thought it was a bit of a coincidence!

Hi and welcome to the LB’s, hope you move back to uk goes OK