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does anybody know a good garage / person that would eb able to check over my new Gsxr 750 k1 to see if the Cyl head gasket is gone, i need a final verdict. oil is bubbling when the motor is running, when not and colled down the oild looks clean, no condensation in window but while running you can see some bubbles.

what area are you in ?

im in west london pal

the oil is bubbling ? I would have thought if the head gasket had gone it would be the coolant bubbling ? the mechanics usually test the bubbles with a reagent that reacts with exhaust fumes.

well im going to do a comrpession test on all four and on the rad. im not sure this will give me a definate answer but form what i remember this is a pretty good start. The motor seems to run fine, ie not ridden a K1 gsxr750 before but power seems OK throughout the gears, no flat spots as such it picks up nicely. i might be being paranoid, MAYBE but my head gasget went on my ninja time ago and it was nothign short of an expensive head ache. :w00t:

does that make sense or are there other things to look at?

Im used to V-twins though, its been a while since i had the ninja. two bikes and a ban ago…

Try Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn or PM matt on here who works there and tell him the symptoms of the bike.

He might be able to tell you over the phone


hmmmm, west london suzuki have offered to do the work for under half the price that southern corss came up with, and they are suzuki authorised.