oooooh, I dont feel well.......

hey hey - you beat Alex to it!

well I have him a couple of days head start!

Actually i was 10 weeks pregnant at the time of posting this, unfortuantely I lost the baby on sunday, feel like crap, now i’ve got a few days off work to recover, I wasn’t going to bother announcing it until my 12 week scan next week :crying::crying:

****, sorry to hear that Mel

uber unhappy cat :frowning:

nope…i eat it all and the go lookign for more…hollow legs ya see…that and lemon…lemon gives me the munchies!:smiley:

aww mel! so sorry to read that… (hug):frowning:

I wondered why your cat had lost its happy…

Geez Mel…I’m sorry to hear that love :frowning:

Thankyou for the pm’s guys, i’ll soon be back to normal, and back on the bike :slight_smile: