Oooh sexy

Very nice ! Do you know who modified it ? Would a busa look that good naked ? :smiley:

it wouldn’t NEED a turbo if it was in black:cool:

…just a guess but unless i missed the sarcasm it just MIGHT be ppg-fabrications :P;):hehe:

Should have gone to SpecSavers;):smiley: Doubt they did it ! Just advertising on the fairing, maybe the owner works there ? ;)There are lots of companies who claim to do this kind of thing, you ring them up and they say yeah, they did all the work, but in fact they farmed it out to somebody else. Only reason I asked is that Holeshot stopped selling their turbo kits for R1’s and as far as I know, there’s nobody else doing an R1 kit.

Should have checked the web site beofre making a sarkey comment ! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

Looks OK apart from that nasty headlight. So what’s the point of adding a turbo and stripping the fairing?

Steve… (19/06/2008)

Chenster10R (19/06/2008)

There are a few kits in the US plus I don’t think if you took an R1 to Big CC and asked them, “Please fit a turbo” that they’d respond saying that they can’t.

Afro (19/06/2008)

Steve… (19/06/2008)

No but Sean has said they’re not easy to turbocharge for the same reasons Holeshot stopped doing them.

Steve… (19/06/2008)

Afro (19/06/2008)

I can imagine…I think I remember hearing that the older motors (pre injection) were easier to turbo.

on Big CC’s leaflet it states R1 turbo kits now available :wink:

So it does :smiley: Doesn’t mention though how they lower the compression ratio, which is probably why the base kit is limited to 200-230 bhp, hardly worth the hassle I’d think. Does say they have a 300bhp version but that will definately need lower compression.

Do 04 onwards R1’s have separate engine cases and barrels or are the barrels cast in one with the cases ?

I don’t know whether your quote figures are at the wheel or not, but an extra 50 BHP (230 as opposed to 180) at the crank would definitely be worth it for straight lining.

Power wise, it’d be on par with a WSB spec R1 although power delivery would be completely different ofcourse.

Don’t think turbos are actually that useful on bikes that will be used to go round corners though as the power delivery is still too abrubt AFAIK.

That power is what they quote on their web site but it’s a lot of work (from experience) for not a lot of power. If they can offer a reliable 300bhp then that’s going to be interesting :w00t::smiley:

Not sure I’d want a turbo bike, I like the smooth power delivery of a n/a engine on a bike, in a car it’s not so critical. They are developing a super charger solution for the B-King and Hayabusa but TTS have had this working for 3 or 4 years now and it’s very smooth, just like a bigger engine.

Isn’t it the norm to run lower compression postons when fitting a turbo Steve?I’m not sure about todays kit but the problem always used to be pre-ignition and they would have to fit water injection to combat it.Have they developed a system to allow high compression now?

You’re right, which is why I think BigCC are limiting the power to 200 to 230 bhp, which up from 160-170 isn’t a big increase. That’s probably only 5 or 6 psi of boost at most which the majority of stock engines could cope with providing the ignition is retarded, but not even sure that’s done. Could use a small intercooler or water injection.Stock pistons are very good these days, I remember old Vauxhall pistons which would struggle with a standard n/a engine let alone anything with more power. Jack at Holeshot had stock pistons in his Hayabusa for a long while running at 320ish bhp but the compression ratio was lowered.Must make for a lively bike, the reason I was interested is that a naked R1 with a turbo must be the perfect bike, the best of all worlds, if lag is low. The GT28RS turbo’s are pretty good and big enough to only spin up at higher rpm, might need to investigate this further :slight_smile: How about a GSXR1000 turbo ? JE have some low comp pistons for that, to have a go on Grim’s busa too :slight_smile:

Russel Savoury at RS Performance does some sext turbo and s/charged bikes.

Ever seen a Blown XT660?:w00t::smiley:

Does anyone do a supercharger kit for a sports bike? Power would be much more linear and in theory much easier to install than a turbo.

TTS do Rotrex conversions for bikes and cars, their Civic type R is making 350bhp and they have various kits for the Hayabusa and I think the GSXR1000 too. They also did a Bandit 600, the chap was really keen to keep his bike rather than buy a bigger bike.

The rotrex is a centrifugal supercharger so basically just the compressor of the turbo mated to a step up gearbox driven from the crank, same as Koenisegg use in the SCC whatever it is, the one Top Gear crashed I think.