ooof - feeling alittle poorly....

Think i may have drunk tooo much, eaten a little too much and am being thretened with a 2 hour walk starting at 10.30 am straight after breaky scheduled for 9.30am -eek!!

Even the poor dog is throwing up after overindulging on left over cuurry last night - it seemed fummy at the time :Whistling:

Nice to see that there is still 4 of us sad geeks avoiding the festive spirit and on the PC instead!! :wink:

And thats before Christmas has started properly!! :slight_smile:

hey, fancy a fry up now:sick:?..:P:D

get well soon…

Jeeze, feeling a little scared (she says reaching for another glass of wine :P) Dont even have the bike to disappear on for a couple fo hours - may have to resort to stealing me dads pan european :w00t:

i only had four cans of stella and im only a little bit <A href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</A> lol still got another two creates to get through. moderation!!!!! il regret it in the morning

and i`ve gota get up when the kids get up(wish me luck)

See i was one of those smug single, no kids, no responisibility type of people, thinking nice lie in blah blah blah - 4got about me folks - 9am start guys AND I DONT HAVE CHILDREN!!!

thats just it there not my kids grrrr

Well then my love, you are a fool :smiley: bet youre paying for the booze too!!!

And there’s little old me sitting here working and drinking tea…and you think you got it bad! Who is still working at 50mins to mid-night on Xmas Eve?? :slight_smile:

nope sisters bought that for being such a lovely brother. ;):smiley:

gonna get rat-arsed lmao

now on me 5th can :wink:

What does imao mean??? Is that a typo as a result of the 5th beer? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Imported my own booze from italy - bring on the grappa thats what i say - tequila - pah, like water!!!

thats an L as in Laugh-My-Arse-Off

think the drinks getting to ya hehe cant see the letters properly LOL

He he, youre just jealous cause you have children in the house and i dont!! Errrrr, now whose larfing huh? he he :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

i only finished 20 mins ago, got work at 9 2moro :frowning:

What do you do to be working on Christmas day?

nah i get to see the look on their faces as they open their presnts i got them. hopefully they like wat i got them… if not tuff hehe

curtis!!! i feel for you brother having to work on xmas day sucks balls!!!

hope ur getting paid well for it

Ah dude, thats bad news. Although at the moment it looks like I will be working for a couple hours tomorrow if these projects are going to be rolled out on time!!

Self inflicted, no sympathy :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you were warned about the stilton in the mince pies thing being wrong ! :wink:

Christmas day so more food, drink, food, drink, food, drink and a bit more food.