Only Sixteen Days until the LB Sausage Sizzle!!!

Come on Lads and Lasses

Just 16 days until the LB Summer BBQ

SUNDAY 10TH AUGUST is the date for your diaries

Tickets and camping spots are still available from AndyP, Ginger and myself or online (send a PM to Sincere for details)

Remember, advanced bookings only.

Don’t miss out on the Sausage Sizzle!!!:w00t:

Please drop me a PM if you would like to have tickets bought over the interweb if you are unable to get tickets via Chunks, Andy or Ginger and I’ll gladly sort you out.I also hear that that there are some fantastic prizes to be won on the raffle.

C’mon don’t be shy now!!


already got my ticket off Ginger :stuck_out_tongue:

i havent got a ticket yet, can i pay on teh day?? c’mon!!

careful of him! he wastes tickets! :w00t: did you get the refunds?

Ive got mine already - I got ticket number 27… how fitting :smiley:

No ticket = No sausage:w00t:

We need to have numbers for the catering mate:cool:

Can i pay on the day?

I’m not too sure if i can come anymore, since i planning a last minute hoilday, and not too sure if if i will being going before then or not.

See above…sowwy

oh dude please! for me…i did help out…:smiley: i promise i will be there!

oi! that was a mistake! looked at me phone too late!!

Indeed we do have some great Charity Raffle Prizes including…A Dyno SessionA Suspension Set-upPersonized (with your name on) signed action photos (big) of Michael Rutter and Shakey ByrneA Michelin Podium gold embroidered baseball cap only given to Race WinnersMichelin Pole Setters WatchAlpine Stars GlovesAnd much more:cool:

Don’t know what you mean Doris;):smiley:



Now I’m gonna add to this a bit about the auction pictures, since that’s been my bag.

They are both A2 size (420mm x 594mm), that’s freakin’ big in otherwords, glossy pics of the images seen here

and here

And I gotta say, despite being a little biased, that these pics rock. We will get them signed with a personal message to the winner when we go to the Cadwell BSB meet - the next after the auction.

Sadly neither Mike or myself will be at the Summer Sizzler as we’ll be at Knockhill, no doubt getting soaked through again. So please do us a favour and put some good bids in.

what refund?

ther one told you about but you just went, ‘uh’:smiley:



AH HA! i have a ticket!!:smiley:

I have a good mates baby’s Christening to go to on that day. Not sure how long I should stay at the Christening, or if I am expected to hang around after with the priest and the parents and get drunk.

I would love to go to the sausage sizzle, but it all depends on my duties on that date and what I am told to do.


oh you mean the one you started to tell me about then said oh nevermind ask gabs…that one…

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ratty46 and Firebladepaul for their help with the design and printing of the tickets:cool:

Top work fellas:cool: