Only in Italy..............

do they ride there bikes in shorts, teeshirts, flipflops :w00t:

AND a back protector:hehe::hehe::hehe:WTF?:hehe::hehe::hehe: Seems to be the latest fad, they are all doing it!

They’re Italian.

And, after that, your point is…?

That doesn’t suprise me with the italians.

I think the point is, why protect your back when the rest of you will be ripped to shreds?
Were they wearing lids? The last time I was in Italy there was a fad for riding with your trendy lid on your arm, usually over the left elbow rather than as head protection.:rolleyes:

This is not a new thing. In WWII Italian fighter pilots had a fad for leaving the cockpit canopy open (presumably because they liked having a 300mph wind in their hair). Their planes had terrible performance anyway, but the extra drag from the open canopy didn’t help. Later in the war the manufacturers like Fiat stopped putting the canopies on some models as they were not being used and it cut down on weight.

Surprised they allowed their hair to get messed up. Fiat were the first ones to install vanity mirrors inside the sun visor for their “white van men”

I work with a lad from southern Italy and he reckons wearing your helmet on your head down that way will get you pulled by the police…they’ll think you’re about to do a robbery :w00t:

LOL and I still tell everyone that in SA we have to be carefull of the elephants and giraffe when on the roads …

Yeah man, they’re the worst for robberies! :w00t::smiley:

24 hours on, I’m still wondering why the question. The answer is still “They’re Italian”.

I love the Italians.
They sign up to all the EU legislation. Then just ignore it.
The country is probably as broke as Greece. But they 1) can’t be arsed to find out and 2) don’t care.
They all “know” their PM is a twerp but “he’s a character” so they re elect him.
They don’t care which political party is in power, they ignore central government.

Just never arrange to meet them for dinner and turn up on time. Time is just another theoretical concept to be ignored.

I’ve gone and married an Italian. so most summers we end up for a few weeks with her family in Bari - Puglia (Southern Italy)…

I’ve seen an entire family, mom, dad and TWO small kids on a large scoot… they overtook me on the blind side at about 40mph…

It really is chaos on the roads there but learning that in its own weird way it is a sort of organised chaos - you start to see patterns emerge in the riding style… basically you have to push your way into traffic and be as bold and mental as possible. timid riding is dangerous!

A bit like wearing a Bowler hat when playing Russian Roulette then?

It’s hard to believe that’s where the Roman Empire came from at times.

Another note, I do whince when I see people riding around in flip flops on mopeds in London! Seriously, i mean what the ****?

not again this forum is getting a little lame