only following orders

Brill , we have the makings of a party :smiley:
really great that you guys who know us well are up for it, should be fun but for those who don,t this really is an open invite to lbers so dont be shy come out for a drink and meet some strange but friendly people :slight_smile: ( fishface is under strict orders not to bite anyone) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be honoured to join you Paul!

Just need to know where and when.

I’d say it’s normal to cringe at the thought of public transport for anyone who has been on a bike:)4

It’d be a pleasure!

Even though it will mean slumming it on the train for a day :wink:

As rockerchick said she will confirm time and place, will also pm everyone that says they’re up for it and pass a couple of contact numbers on

just in case- its fri 5th dec, not tomorrow :hehe:

50!!! no way!!!:w00t:

im up for joining ya for drinks, as long as me and vick can get off work early… lol

Let the Food Wars begin…


Yey, jelly bean fight!! :stuck_out_tongue:

And this time I will not be in the cross fire!

Ok, you can be the target this time instead :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Its Stacy who you have to watch out for! Very mischievous young lady :stuck_out_tongue:

Well this time I’m coming armed to the teeth:

Liquorice Alsorts, Jelly Babies, Wine Gums, and the big guns:

Chocolate chip muffins! :smiley:

oi leave me outa the food fights, im a good girl! ;):stuck_out_tongue:

:laugh: :hehe:

But when your bad, your really good! :cool:

Hey Paul! long time no see!! count me in mate! i’ll have a pint with you to celebrate the big day!!:slight_smile:

Mate isnt that bar you bang on about with the harley in convent garden?

Sorry, Dad, cant make that one - but hope to see you all soon xxx

hope you guys are gonna be in drinking mode, not comming on a bike, having half a coke and staying sensible :stuck_out_tongue:
Stacy i know you know how to have a good night so you better show these lads how its done :cool:

miggy must be talking about the roadhouse, the comments on the ‘beer in the evening’ site are not favourable for example-
Roadhouse more like Brick Sthouse possibly the worst pub in Covent Garden

noit really my type of boozer tho one other comment was-

** A classic meat market - if you can’t get a shag in here you must have a serious personality defect**

so it depends on how much i have to drink beforehand ;):smiley:

it’s always nice to celebrate the birthday of someone older than myself on here:P but alas I will be on my hols. So have a good time Zeph and show the kids how to do it mate;):smiley: